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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 9 of My Beauty Challenge

I carry everything I will pretty much need through out my day in my purse at all times...the only thing missing is my cell phone but I used it to take the pix! I have 3 different lip gloss, a mascara, hair spray, body lotion, my setting powder for when my face gets a little oily, gum, my wallet, the large black book is my check register...those little ones get used up in like a month with me! I carry blush, lip balm, a body spray, a setting spray, and the striped back is what i keep all my beauty prodz in. This is definitely a toned down version of whats normally  in my bag. I just switched so I got rid of all the receipts and misc papers, and my lip gloss collection can get a bit overwhelming after I use the same purse for longer than 4 days!

Day 1 - Dye Hair
Day 2 - Day Makeup Look
Day 3 - Nail
Day 4 - Hairstyle
Day 5 - Night Makeup Look
Day 6 - Favorite Shoes
Day 7 - No Makeup
Day 8 - Blush
Day 9 - Carry In Handbag
Day 10 - Favorite Food
Day 11 - Eye Makeup
Day 12 - Inside Shower
Day 13 - Toe Nails
Day 14 - Morning Skincare Routine
Day 15 - Inside Beauty Cabinet
Day 16 - Sparkle
Day 17 - Bronzer
Day 18 - Body Products
Day 19 - Sun Protection
Day 20 - Hair Tools
Day 21 - Perfume
Day 22 - Holy Grail Beauty
Day 23 - Hair Products
Day 24 - Shades of Spring
Day 25 - Lipstick
Day 26 - An Item on Wish List
Day 27 - Photo That Makes You Laugh
Day 28 - Place Where You Want to Live
Day 29 - Favorite Drink
Day 30 - Favorite Piece of Jewelry

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