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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 24 of My Beauty Challenge

Because I get home and exercise right away I already had my work out clothes on...but took a quick picture of my makeup. But the pictures of the clothes are what I was wearing. I wore very plain shirt with just a little detail since my eye was dramatic. I used blues, greens, purples and a highlighter right below my eye brow. My phone camera doesn't really capture the colors very well. I did a smokey eye but using bright colors, except in the outer V of my eye I used a dark blue and deep purple. All the colors I used are from the ELF 144 palette. Then I used my black eyeliner to do a wing. For my lip I used NYX Narcissus, it is a great barbie pink.

Day 1 - Dye Hair
Day 2 - Day Makeup Look
Day 3 - Nail
Day 4 - Hairstyle
Day 5 - Night Makeup Look
Day 6 - Favorite Shoes
Day 7 - No Makeup
Day 8 - Blush
Day 9 - Carry In Handbag
Day 10 - Favorite Food
Day 11 - Eye Makeup
Day 12 - Inside Shower
Day 13 - Toe Nails
Day 14 - Morning Skincare Routine
Day 15 - Inside Beauty Cabinet
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Day 17 - Bronzer
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Day 19 - Sun Protection
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Day 24 - Shades of Spring
Day 25 - Lipstick
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Day 28 - Place Where You Want to Live
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Day 30 - Favorite Piece of Jewelry

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