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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 22 of My Beauty Challenge

OK so I have 2 things that I can NOT live without. One is a beauty/makeup product and the other is a brush. Yes you heard right a brush! For everyone that knows me knows I LOOOOVE big hair, I back comb my hair everyday...even if its only going into a pony. I have tried those volumizing powders or pomades to get my hair big. But NOTHING does it better or bigger than a good back combing brush. The Denman D3 brush is the BEST back combing/teasing brush I have ever used, and believe me when I say the best because I had tested so many! The other product I just recently purchased but am already obsessed! I have a very oily face and this really does work. It doesn't totally stop my face from being oily but it cuts it down by like 90%! I want to pick up the Stay Matte Not Flat foundation from NYX to use with it and I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed! So this product is the NYX Shine Killer, I'm really looking forward to testing it out come the hotter days. It is supposed to be almost 90 in the next couple days so it will be put to the test!

Day 1 - Dye Hair
Day 2 - Day Makeup Look
Day 3 - Nail
Day 4 - Hairstyle
Day 5 - Night Makeup Look
Day 6 - Favorite Shoes
Day 7 - No Makeup
Day 8 - Blush
Day 9 - Carry In Handbag
Day 10 - Favorite Food
Day 11 - Eye Makeup
Day 12 - Inside Shower
Day 13 - Toe Nails
Day 14 - Morning Skincare Routine
Day 15 - Inside Beauty Cabinet
Day 16 - Sparkle
Day 17 - Bronzer
Day 18 - Body Products
Day 19 - Sun Protection
Day 20 - Hair Tools
Day 21 - Perfume
Day 22 - Holy Grail Beauty
Day 23 - Hair Products
Day 24 - Shades of Spring
Day 25 - Lipstick
Day 26 - An Item on Wish List
Day 27 - Photo That Makes You Laugh
Day 28 - Place Where You Want to Live
Day 29 - Favorite Drink
Day 30 - Favorite Piece of Jewelry

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