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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 23 of My Beauty Challenge

These are the main things I use in my hair, I use 2 different kinds of heat protecter. Both from Matrix, I use the Cera heat thermal-active repair cream when my hair is wet. It really cuts the blow drying time in half, then if I will be straightening or curling my hair I put in the Total Results Iron smoother. If I will be wearing my hair straight I will add John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation, it does a GREAT job of keeping my hair frizz free and my "babies" at bay. My "babies" are the small hairs around the face, its hard to keep them under control! If I plan on teasing my hair REALLY big that day I will had Pureology Antifade Complex PureVolume to my wet hair. It does a great job of giving me extra volume and body while I blow dry my hair. My hair spray that I top it all off with is BigSexyHair! I can not live with out this, I actually have a small travel size in my purse at all times. And for my weekly/biweekly hair treatments I use a combo of 3 things, Aussie 3 minute miracle One'n Only Argan Oil Oil Treatment, and One'n Only BrazilianTech Keratin Deep Conditioning Treatment. First I put the oil all over my ends, I really drench it, then I will add the Aussie 3 minute miracle all over, and last I use the Brazilian Tech all over as well. I will then get a wet towel and wrap it around my head, make sure its really wrung out. And I will take a blow dryer to the wrapped towel, it gives you that salon chair dryer effect. The warm really helps penetrate your hair without the heat actually touching it because you have the wet towel. Hope you enjoyed my hair products!

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