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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fashion Savvy Friday

This will be my last Fashion Savvy Friday blog before I go on a MUCH needed vacation!! The next fashion blog will not be up until February!! My how this year is flying by. It feels like we just celebrated the new year!!

I hope you enjoy these finds!!

I love the detailed look of having a strappy bralette under a low cut tank top!! It gives it a little bit of edge and detail when your pairing it will a simple pair of shorts.

I have really been loving the fringe details. I really fought off this trend, but its starting to grow on me!! And you all know how I love me a layering necklace...well this one is the perfect length and small enough to not be obnoxious with other necklaces.

With it being January and a lot of people are starting a new workout program, I had to throw in some of my workout picks. As you know athletic clothes can get really pricey!! I found that these are both fashionable and wallet friendly. You can really get 3 pairs of these pants for the price of one at your standard sports stores.

I really hope you enjoyed this post girls!! And cheers to the weekend!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion Savvy Friday

HELLLOOO ladies!! Its good to be back!!

Living in the Chicago area in the winter can be a brutal time!! So a lot of people take trips to the MUCH warmer climates. And because my hubby and I are those people I have dedicated this fashion savvy friday to warmer weather clothes!!

Hope you enjoy some of my picks!!

New Series

Ok ladies I know I have been MIA for some time now!! But I'm back and starting a new series on my blog!!

I have been having so much fun doing Pinterest beauty hacks and just Pinterest hacks for the house that I decided I'm going to start blogging about them.

So I'm getting back into my Fashion Savvy Friday posts and will be adding Pinterest Hacks.