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Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge

This is my 30 day beauty challenge... I will be starting it May 1st. Hope you all enjoy and join me and post your comments and opinions...Would love to see some pix of your challenge!

  1. Dye Hair
  2. Day Make-up Look
  3. Nails
  4. Hair Style
  5. Night Make-up Look
  6. Favorite Shoes
  7. No Make-up
  8. Blush
  9. Carry in Handbag
  10. Favorite Food
  11. Eye Make-up
  12. Inside Shower
  13. Toe Nails
  14. Morning Skin Care Routine
  15. Sparkle
  16. Bronzer
  17. Lip Gloss
  18. Body Products
  19. Sun Protection
  20. Hair Tools
  21. Perfume
  22. Holy Grail of Beauty
  23. Hair Products
  24. Shades of Spring
  25. Lipstick
  26. An Item on Wish List
  27. Photo That Makes You Laugh
  28. Place Where You Want To Live
  29. Favorite Drink
  30. Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hair and There

Biolage Cera Heat
   I love trying new heat protectant products, and when I saw this one from Biolage I had to pick it up. There are so many things I love about this product. First the smell...ahhhhh I have always been a fan of the smell of Biolage products, they just smell so clean. This heat protectant actually has a little hold to it as well, and I have hair on the thinner side and for others of you that do as well I'm sure you know anything with a hold in it makes our hair feel fuller. I am EXTREMELY rough on my hair when it comes to heat. Because I have a wave to my hair I blow dry my hair, then straighten it, and then I use a curling iron. My hair was damaged from over heating when I found this and was just getting worse. But when I started using this the damage didn't continue. So I would really recommend this product, but because its a cream you need to apply to wet hair and if you are going to straighten or curl your hair after I suggest a spray heat protectant as well.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
   These Aussie commercials get me...EVERY TIME! I love the smell of their products, very fruity. My hair was seriously over processed since I went from off black hair to blonde for my wedding. So I needed to find something to really help heal my hair. In the beginning I used this every night along with my regular conditioner for a week and started to see results...FAST. Then I started using it instead of my conditioner once a week and the dryness and split ends seemed to diminish. So because this made such a dramatic transformation to my hair I have told everyone about it. It really has the same if not better effect as a hair masque.

One 'N Only Argan Oil
   I think everyone that has had damaged hair has been told to try an argan oil. Because of the condition my hair was in I wanted to get something thicker that would do more, so I decided to get a squeeze bottle instead of the spray. Because it doesn't lightly mist your hair it does make it look and feel very oily, which yes makes sense since its an oil, I don't know if it only made my hair look that way since its so thin and fine. I only use a small pea size amount for my entire head. It really worked wonders, it smells amazing and after washing it out made my hair so silky soft and very manageable. I have actually bought this for people as little gift extras and have never heard a bad response back.

Joico Joimist Firm
   I was doing my weekly walk through at Ulta to see if there was anything I wanted to try...and BAM I saw this hair spray. Well normally hair spray doesn't jump out at people, but I will buy anything that donates money to a breast cancer foundation (even if its something I would never wear, like those silly bandz!) It came in a cute pink bottle and had the pink ribbon on the bottle. The level of hold I purchased was a level 5, and just so you know they only go to level 6,  and I have to highly disagree with that. I loved the way it smelled but there was nothing great about the hold. When I would first spray it was a very good hold then about an hour later the hair spray seemed to be gone. My hair fell flat, and my hair holds a pretty good curl and this hair spray just weighed it down. I don't regret buying it but only for the simple fact that they donated to a breast cancer research company. I still have a lot left in the can, but only use it at the roots when I'm going to tease my hair or to hold down my babies if I wear my hair in a pony tail. But for just a few dollars more I would definitely keep buying the Big Sexy Hair.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Luscious Lashes

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes
   I was really excited to try this mascara, the packaging just looked great! At first I was a little worried because the brush on the wand was so was large enough to doll up a cows eye! I used it and really did love the way my lashes felt, they got long and thick. It really opened up my eyes and made them look wide and open, and my lashes were still flexible and not that hard crunchy feeling. After a week of using this mascara everyday the access from the wand really started to gunk up on the tube, and it got pretty thick and was quite messy.

You can't really tell in the first picture the amount of caked on mascara in on the rim of the tube, and this was after I tried to wipe most of it off before I stored it away.

Maybelline One By One Volume Express
   This mascara screamed my name with its bright coral color tube! I have been loving everything coral from my nails and lips to my sun dresses. I know some people don't really love the rubber brush on the wand, but in my case I have found they are my favorite. Because I go for a very dramatic eyelash and not so much with the natural look I can keep applying without getting the tarantula eye. After using this mascara I bought an extra one to keep in my purse at all times (yes my mascara is like most peoples lip gloss)! I also bought the waterproof version because I was going to be going to Florida and didn't need mascara melting down my face. It definitely did its job, although getting it off was quite a challenge. I used eye makeup remover and facial wash, but I actually had to use my nails to scratch away at it with my face wash. But that was the only part that I didn't really like and that was only with the waterproof version. Everything else about both of these I absolutely loved and highly recommend trying them.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express
   OK so I'm gonna be totally honest...the commercials got me with this one! I saw the commercial and the next day had to stop at Ulta to pick it up. I have had this mascara for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love everything about it. The packaging is bright and fun, and there is no messy excess. This one has the bristle wand brush, and you can really layer it on with out getting that 80's goopy lash look! I have also used this with my false lashes and it blends together so well and doesn't get cakey on the falsies. My lashes are still very soft and flexible, but so long and thick as well. This mascara would work great for the natural look as well, if you only put one coat on they get much longer and a little thicker without being dramatic. But if your looking for the dramatic eye put a few coats on and POW totally glam eye!