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Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty Things I SUCK at!

OK so like EVERYONE I cant be good at it all! So here is my list of things I'm not go amazing at when it comes to beauty routines!

  • GETTING MY HAIR TRIMMED. I do not go every 6 weeks to get my hair trimmed. And even worse I sometimes trim it myself with standard office scissors! AHHHHH I know!
  • REMOVING MY CUTICLES. I admit it, I'm a cuticle pusher and not a trimmer! The only time I even get my cuticles cut is when I get them done by a salon! I even have the scissors and the cuticle remover...but don't EVER use them!
  • GEL LINER. I can not for the life of me use gel liner!!! I am an expert with liquid liner and kohl liner, but when I use gel one eye turns out perfect and the other one with be a little naturally I go back to the perfected side and try and even it out, but now that side is thicker! So by the end of this my entire eyelid is eyeliner! :)
  • DRYING MY FACE. OK I know this is the 1st thing your mother teaches you, ALWAYS pat your face dry...NEVER rub. If I'm only washing my face in the sink I have no trouble patting dry, but after the shower is a totally different story. I don't know why I cant kick this habit...but hey that's why they make wrinkle creams right?!
  • ROUND BRUSH. Can I just say AWKWARD?! I feel like I have 2 left hands when trying to round brush my hair while blow drying it. I know they say the more you do it the more comfortable you become, but between bashing my head with the blow dryer or getting my hair a tangled mess in the brush I think I'll stick to just blowing drying my hair upside down!!!

Alright so these are the things that I'm not so amazing at!! If anyone has tips on how I can excel in these 5 brutal beasts please...I'M LISTENING!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carry On Makeup and Beauty Products...Lets Jet Set

So as it gets harder and harder to fly anywhere now...I mean how is a girl with some clip in weave supposed to get past those metal detectors now? Well for those ladies that like to take just a long weekend trip and don't want to have to check any bags, but cant live with out your makeup and beauty products this blog is JUST FOR YOU!

Each liquid you bring along MUST be less than 3.4 fluid ounces, which isn't hard to do when you are talking foundation. But for setting spray your either going to want to buy the travel size that they sell or you can purchase empty atomizers and pour some of your setting spray into those. Because atomizers are for perfume it keeps the mist much finer than a spray bottle. All your eye shadows and blush will be fine, but if your only bringing a carry on try to keep it to a neutral eye you wear your entire trip so your not bringing along your bulky palettes. 

Now for your shampoo and conditioner...there are a few options. You can purchase travel size of your favorite brand or simply buy cheap plastic bottles and fill with what you have at home, and this way you can simply reuse them for each time you travel. As for your hairspray, its the same as anything else, buy a travel size of your favorite brand or just pour some into an empty bottle. For shaving gel since your only going away for a short time, hence only bringing a carry on, I would just use conditioner for this one time. Although you will have to purchase a razor as they wont allow those on the plane with you. I will post websites where you can purchase the empty bottles and the atomizer below.

For the Atomizer click  Here

For the Empty Travel Bottles click Here

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fresh Spring Face

One of the best things about spring, besides the warmer weather and the beautiful flowers, is getting to bust out the brighter eyeshadows and really experiment with colors. The look I chose uses pinks, purples, and blues. I really played with the colors and even gave it my signature winged eyeliner. The eyeshadow palette is the Ultimate from E.L.F. and I always use the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray under my foundation and then the All Nighter after I'm finished with my look. I put the beige (1) all over my eye then the pink (2) from the middle out. I blended the purple (3) in the outer corner. I always use a brown (4) in the crease just to soften the look. I used the cream (5) color as a highlight right under my brow. And last the turquoise (6) I put under my lower lash line. And for a lip I used NYC Violet Shine, if a fuchsia lip is too bright for you with this eye you can easily use a light pinky nude like MAC's Angel.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nightly Beauty Routine

This is my everyday nightly routine. I come home from the gym so I already have my makeup taken off using makeup removing wipes. So I start by washing my face with my Olay cleansing brush, I love this brush it removes so much more makeup that I thought my wipes got the first time, it makes a big difference with my skin. I just put the face wash directly on the brush head and start cleaning. Then I pat my face dry and use a toner on a cotton ball, I switch back and forth depending on the condition of my skin from the Clean & Clear and the L'Oreal. Then I add a spot corrector for any little spots, as you can see I do love Clean & Clear! Then I add an eye cream, I just dab my ring finger in the jar and lightly pat it around my under eye. Then as that dries I use my Luster teeth whitening system. In just a few days this makes a dramatic change. Right before I go to bed I will put on my face oil and my Vaseline lip treatment. The face oil I use is just an organic Coconut Oil, it has many uses including being a great hair mask. Because I have naturally oily skin adding an oil to it really cuts down on the amount of oil my face naturally produces so my makeup doesn't slide off during the day.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Restock and Something New...

So it was that time when I was running low on some of my daily products. So my favorite toner for daily use is the L'Oreal Hydrafresh toner. I do use a Clean and Clear if I have a few breakouts I need to get under control, but the Hydrafresh toner is amazing for everyday use. I really can tell that the PH is back in balance after I use it, my skin isn't tight or dry feeling and its not oily either. It just feels refreshed. The Baby Magic I use as a Makeup brush cleaner. I also use a conditioning brush cleaner on them every other wash. But I really feel that just using the brush cleaner alone does not get all the makeup out of my brushes. The Vaseline gel oil is amazing, my legs get really dry in the winter between shaving and sitting in the hot tub and this really cures that problem. I switch up my body wash in the winter a lot just to try and find one that works best with my dry skin, this time it was Dove. The Avocado and Oatmeal clay mask is my favorite, you can see the oil being pulled out from your pores as it drys. This coconut lime body scrub from Tree Hut I get from Ulta and love it, it doesn't leave the coating of wax on you so its perfect for spray tanners. Also its a Sugar scrub and not a salt scrub so its not drying and not harsh on your water pipes.

Beauty Goodies!! Picked up another ELF blush in Fuchsia Fusion, I think this color is great for the spring and summer on sun kissed skin. The other blush I picked up was Rimmel London in shade number 130, its a great color to really warm up your face and give it the final touch. The lipstick that I picked up was NYC Violet Shine its a great spring color, and a bright color for people just trying out bright lipsticks. Because its bright without smacking you in the face. :) And I also picked up my anti wrinkle eye cream, gotta catch those wrinkles before they start!! And the final thing I picked up was the L'Oreal Miracle Blur...I am trying this for the first time. I bought it to use as a primer under my makeup. I will be giving you my first impressions of this Miracle Blur to see if it really is a MIRACLE

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Spring Trends

Spring is here! Time to bust out our skirts and sheer blouses!

One of the top spring fashions that happens every year is the PASTELS! From your shoes and clothes and now even your hair. You can add just a simple touch with a white tee and jeans by simply adding a pastel colored scarf or even a pastel sneaker wedge. FLORAL is also among the hot trends for spring. Adding a band of flowers to your hair with a light springy maxi can really complete the look. Another big trend hitting is the SKATER SKIRTS, a skirt that shows off just the right amount of leg but has a girly  shape. These can be paired with anything from a simple tank to a long sleeved lace top. I really feel that the skater skirt is going to be spring times jeans, you can dress it up with a heel or dress it down with a sandal.