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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nightly Beauty Routine

This is my everyday nightly routine. I come home from the gym so I already have my makeup taken off using makeup removing wipes. So I start by washing my face with my Olay cleansing brush, I love this brush it removes so much more makeup that I thought my wipes got the first time, it makes a big difference with my skin. I just put the face wash directly on the brush head and start cleaning. Then I pat my face dry and use a toner on a cotton ball, I switch back and forth depending on the condition of my skin from the Clean & Clear and the L'Oreal. Then I add a spot corrector for any little spots, as you can see I do love Clean & Clear! Then I add an eye cream, I just dab my ring finger in the jar and lightly pat it around my under eye. Then as that dries I use my Luster teeth whitening system. In just a few days this makes a dramatic change. Right before I go to bed I will put on my face oil and my Vaseline lip treatment. The face oil I use is just an organic Coconut Oil, it has many uses including being a great hair mask. Because I have naturally oily skin adding an oil to it really cuts down on the amount of oil my face naturally produces so my makeup doesn't slide off during the day.

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