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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carry On Makeup and Beauty Products...Lets Jet Set

So as it gets harder and harder to fly anywhere now...I mean how is a girl with some clip in weave supposed to get past those metal detectors now? Well for those ladies that like to take just a long weekend trip and don't want to have to check any bags, but cant live with out your makeup and beauty products this blog is JUST FOR YOU!

Each liquid you bring along MUST be less than 3.4 fluid ounces, which isn't hard to do when you are talking foundation. But for setting spray your either going to want to buy the travel size that they sell or you can purchase empty atomizers and pour some of your setting spray into those. Because atomizers are for perfume it keeps the mist much finer than a spray bottle. All your eye shadows and blush will be fine, but if your only bringing a carry on try to keep it to a neutral eye you wear your entire trip so your not bringing along your bulky palettes. 

Now for your shampoo and conditioner...there are a few options. You can purchase travel size of your favorite brand or simply buy cheap plastic bottles and fill with what you have at home, and this way you can simply reuse them for each time you travel. As for your hairspray, its the same as anything else, buy a travel size of your favorite brand or just pour some into an empty bottle. For shaving gel since your only going away for a short time, hence only bringing a carry on, I would just use conditioner for this one time. Although you will have to purchase a razor as they wont allow those on the plane with you. I will post websites where you can purchase the empty bottles and the atomizer below.

For the Atomizer click  Here

For the Empty Travel Bottles click Here

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