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Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty Things I SUCK at!

OK so like EVERYONE I cant be good at it all! So here is my list of things I'm not go amazing at when it comes to beauty routines!

  • GETTING MY HAIR TRIMMED. I do not go every 6 weeks to get my hair trimmed. And even worse I sometimes trim it myself with standard office scissors! AHHHHH I know!
  • REMOVING MY CUTICLES. I admit it, I'm a cuticle pusher and not a trimmer! The only time I even get my cuticles cut is when I get them done by a salon! I even have the scissors and the cuticle remover...but don't EVER use them!
  • GEL LINER. I can not for the life of me use gel liner!!! I am an expert with liquid liner and kohl liner, but when I use gel one eye turns out perfect and the other one with be a little naturally I go back to the perfected side and try and even it out, but now that side is thicker! So by the end of this my entire eyelid is eyeliner! :)
  • DRYING MY FACE. OK I know this is the 1st thing your mother teaches you, ALWAYS pat your face dry...NEVER rub. If I'm only washing my face in the sink I have no trouble patting dry, but after the shower is a totally different story. I don't know why I cant kick this habit...but hey that's why they make wrinkle creams right?!
  • ROUND BRUSH. Can I just say AWKWARD?! I feel like I have 2 left hands when trying to round brush my hair while blow drying it. I know they say the more you do it the more comfortable you become, but between bashing my head with the blow dryer or getting my hair a tangled mess in the brush I think I'll stick to just blowing drying my hair upside down!!!

Alright so these are the things that I'm not so amazing at!! If anyone has tips on how I can excel in these 5 brutal beasts please...I'M LISTENING!!!

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