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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winter Ready Skin

I know fall has only just begun so who wants to hear about winter skin routines!!! But ladies its fast approaching and we have to be ready. I have 9 simple things to really make a difference in your beauty routine. Each title has the link on where you can purchase the product.

  • Keeping your lips soft and well moistened is very important. Cracking lips doesn't only hurt but is a visual NIGHTMARE. Take a soft toothbrush and lightly brush your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells, then apply a great natural lip balm. Try to keep away from petroleum jelly based lip products because they can actually dry out your lips. Kiss My Face brand is one of my favorites!
  • I know that when the weather is freezing out all we want to do is stand in the HOT shower and let it run over us. Hot water will actually dry out your skin very fast, so if you have to warm up keep the extreme hot temps to 5 minutes or less and then switch to luke warm water.
  • If you still use a bar of soap, which many people do, I'm sure you notice that it dries up and cracks all on its own. So just imagine what its doing to your skin. Many of you enjoy that "squeaky clean" feeling, but that feeling is stripping your skin of its natural oils. In the colder months try switching to a lotion based body wash with a loofah. Dove is one of the best options out there. Just make sure your loofah isn't too hard and your only taking off the dead skin cells and not fresh skin.
  • Using an oil on your skin right out of the shower while your skin is still damp is going to re-hydrate your skin. There are some great after shower oils out there, some are more on the pricey side while others you can pick up at the drugstores. Plantlife makes some great natural oils that dont leave you feeling greasy all day.
  • As the heat goes up in your house the moisture levels go down. If your anything like me and love to sit in front of the fire place sipping can really feel the dry heat. A humidifier can really help reverse those effects. Having a space heater will really do a number on the while you sleep keep a small humidifier in the room and balance out the dryness. 
  • Creams have a higher count of lipids in them than serums. Over usage of lips will make your skin appear dull since they trap the dead cells. Serums are light, but because the ingredients are much more concentrated its great for absorption. Pure makes a great Vitamin C serum and it has dead sea elements to help with the dead skin cells.
  • Dry cracking feet is a BIG problem in the winter!! Ladies please know that just because you have put away your peep toe shoes and your strappy sandals does not mean you need to neglect your feet! Cover your feet in a thick moisturizer my go to is Love&Toast, its a natural lotion with nothing that will just coat your skin but actually absorb and do what lotion is intended to! After you have the lotion covered all over wrap your feet in cling wrap and pull on a pair of socks. Try to stay laying or sitting while the lotion soaks into the feet. 
  • If your face is really taking a beating from the dry winter months or is just extra sensitive try avoiding rinsing your face with tap water. It contains very drying harsh minerals. Try using a cold cream or cleansing pads to wipe your face clear of dirt and build up, then washing it with bottled water. Even if you only wash your face with bottled water once a week or when you notice that its getting really dry. The Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser is still one of my all time favorites, you really can feel the moisture being replenished. 

  •  Just as harsh as the cold is on your skin your hair takes a toll too. So make sure to deep condition your hair once a week. It will help your ends from getting dry and brittle and causing your hair to be frizzy! The Macadamia Treatment is still my favorite, I love the way it smells and they way it makes my hair feel like silk after using it.

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