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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Makeup At The Gym

Its been almost a month since I have blogged!! I was really missing it, but mommy life has taken over again! Between school and soccer for my son and getting everything ready for his big double digit birthday its been CRAZY! We are also do a lot of renovations with the house that I'm thinking about posting...just so everyone can see whats been going on! I'm an open book and love sharing my life with everyone!

I know a lot of people are getting healthy and joining a gym or just working out at home after work. That's great because living a healthy lifestyle can really help your skin! But have you been working out right after work and not removing your makeup first? Have you noticed your skin starting to break out or blemishes? Well ladies working out with your makeup on can have EVERYTHING to do with that! I know being fabulous is a full time gig...and why should working out be any different? Well when you work out and start to get warm your pores open up as they do anytime you start to sweat or get really warm, its like getting a steam facial at the spa...they do this to open your pores before they purge them. If you have makeup on when your pores open all that makeup and dirt from the day is seeping into your skin...clogging all those tiny pores and making them appear larger or even worse causing you to break out.

So ladies YES you need to wash your face before you work out and get it all sweaty again! Even if you only use makeup removing wipes to get most of it off before your work out and you can do a full face wash after will make a world of a difference.

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