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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dolce Vitta Hair Extension Review

I ordered my Dolce Vitta Hair Extensions in Light Brown #8 in 120 grams. My natural hair is on the thinner side so the 120 gram set was perfect for me. When I got the extensions in I was so amazed at how soft the extensions were, and the clips were a very good quality. The clips had a rubber grip on the bottom that keep the hold on your hair so there is no slipping. I have had my extensions since April so I have had time to really wear them and make sure the quality is good. I have even dyed the extensions and it didnt change the feel of the extensions, they were just as soft and silky as the day got them. To keep your extensions in the best possible condition wash them as little as possible and don't use product on them if at all possible. I have owned extensions and only washed them twice over a year, most extensions last anywhere from 6-8 months but if you dont use product and dont wash them they wont dry out and can stay  in the best condition. The only thing negative I have to say about the extensions is they clips arent sewn on the wefts very well. In just the 2 months that I have had them 3 of the clips have come unsewn, but that is an easy fix. They dont knot up in the nape of your neck like another extension brand I bought a while ago. I would definately recommend these extensions to anyone that is looking for a little change up with their hair...more volume or length. 

Light Brown 8_image                    

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