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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mini Fashion Haul

It feels good to be back!! 
I got these cute booties with the black rhinestones on the toes from Discovery for only $24.99

I fell into the hype of the wedge sneaker! I was not sure about them until I tried on a pair with some skinny jeans and loved the edge it gave the outfit. Also they give me the height I love with the ability to walk all day without any soreness. These came from Target and I believe they were $34.99

The Aztec patterned sweater came from discovery for $14.99
The black and white silky tops came from H&M and were on sale for $10 each
The white blazer I got at a steal from Lord & Taylor for $30
The camouflage jeans are from PacSun and were $21.99
The blue Aztec pattern jeans are from H&M for $17
and the DEAL of the day was my pair of Joe's jeans for $82...Nothing can put a price on a pair of jeans that make a girls butt look GREAT!

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