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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Fashion Must Haves - Clothing Staples

So fashion and makeup really do go hand in hand, if you love one you probably love the other. These are a few pieces that are the building blocks to a great wardrobe, I really believe that these are some staple pieces to have in your closet to build your wardrobe. Staple pieces may be a bit more costly but just know that they are VERY versatile. So making investments in certain pieces really does pay off, sometimes you can get lucky and find cheaper look a likes. The best places for cheaper look a likes are going to be found at Forever 21 and H&M, but you really need to keep an eye out. But for the ladies out there with a little more tush (like me) if you find a great pair of jeans that makes your butt look them! Great jeans are something to spend a little extra on because jeans can make or break your confidence while looking in a mirror!!

 A black peplum is so classic and chic. You can really pair it with anything and look so put together. I really love the look with a pair of white wide leg pants, but as you can see above it really looks great with a skirt, a midi pencil skirt would be my first choice if I was pairing it with a skirt. Looking for this top click Here

 A great pair of dark washed flare pants can really do wonders for a ladies tush as well as make her look longer and leaner. The key to making sure you have a great fit is not having the pants so tight on your thigh because then it looks like they flare out much more, and gives it a bell bottom look. Also try and find a pair that almost grazes the floor, getting a pair of flares that are too short can really do the opposite of the intended purpose. Your legs will appear much shorter and won't look as lean. My favorite flares can be found Here
 A properly fitted and styled jumpsuit can really make you look chic on your laziest of days. The loose flowy fabric is comfortable and simple. You can easily dress it up with a colorful pump but if your just running out the door throw on a gladiator sandal and your ready to take on the day. To get this great classic Jumpsuit click Here

 A chic well fit blazer can be the best investment to your closet you can make. If you throw on a blazer over a tee shirt and cut off shorts and BAM you look like you spent hours getting ready! Something with a texture really has a high end look but with the white it still looks very clean. My favorite blazer can be found Here

A white wide leg jean can be so chic with anything from the peplum top all the way to a loose fitted tee shirt. Pairing these pants with a flouncy dress shirt can also really dress it up. But remember just like the flare jeans you really have to be careful with the length. Its a bit trickier with white pants because of the chances of them getting ruined on the bottom hem. I definitely would recommend wearing heels and trying to stay away from the flats with any white pants just to be on the safe side. For these fabulous jeans click Here 

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