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Monday, June 3, 2013

$20 Dollar Makeup Challenge!

OK ladies this was not an easy task! But I think I got some good stuff! All the products I bought were from NYC New York Color. I purchased the Smooth skin liquid makeup foundation in 679 Soft Beige, Its not a bad product by any means. Its not sticky or tacky, its a light coverage but VERY buildable. The only thing with this product is you MUST shake it really well. If they put this in a pump bottle instead it would be much easier to get to, because it almost has a whipped consistency. I did dampen the sponge before I applied the foundation just to try and get a more full coverage. I then used the Smooth Skin bronzing face powder in 704A Warm Beige. There is NOTHING bronzing about this powder, its just a pressed face powder. I have to say this is VERY mattifying, which I look for in my powders. A little goes a long way though, because it is very powdery. For my blush I used the Cheek Glow in 656 Sutton Place Peach, I had to use the blush brush it came with since there was no way I could have picked up a blush brush and still stayed in my budget. I had to really pack it on to even show a hint of color, this might have something to do with the color of my skin and it blended to much. For my eyeshadow I purchased the HD Color Trio in 784 Late Night Latte. I used my fingers to apply the shadow and also to blend it. I used the purple color in the middle all over my eye...then the champagne color for my highlight and lastly the brown for my crease. I tried to blend as best as possible using my fingers, but NOTHING compares to a blending eyeshadow brush. That is really the BEST investment in your makeup amazing blending brush. OK back on track...I also had to use the brown for my eyebrows. It has some shimmer in it, but it didn't really pick up in my eyebrows. And I still totally prefer a pencil for my eyebrows to line them with then color them in with powder, but again that would not work in the budget. Next I used a double sided eyeliner pencil, the one side was black and the other was white. The color was 880 Mockingbird. I lined my bottom and top lash line with the black, then used the shimmer white for my bottom waterline. Now as you ALL know I love mascara, and for this budget I was unable to purchase 5 different kinds of mascara to get my desired look. But I did use Sky Rise in 842 Extreme Black, and I put on a few coats of it and it wasn't bad. I actually really like this mascara and will be adding it to my daily routine. And lastly my lips...I did not used a lip liner but I did get a great shimmery powdery pink color. It is 314 Petal, I used it alone for this look but I can definitely use it again. I can add it on top of a more vivid pink to tone it down a little. Its a great color and it isn't drying or sticky, and because my obsession with not being able to wear anything that doesn't smell good it was a winner!!

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