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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hair and There

Biolage Cera Heat
   I love trying new heat protectant products, and when I saw this one from Biolage I had to pick it up. There are so many things I love about this product. First the smell...ahhhhh I have always been a fan of the smell of Biolage products, they just smell so clean. This heat protectant actually has a little hold to it as well, and I have hair on the thinner side and for others of you that do as well I'm sure you know anything with a hold in it makes our hair feel fuller. I am EXTREMELY rough on my hair when it comes to heat. Because I have a wave to my hair I blow dry my hair, then straighten it, and then I use a curling iron. My hair was damaged from over heating when I found this and was just getting worse. But when I started using this the damage didn't continue. So I would really recommend this product, but because its a cream you need to apply to wet hair and if you are going to straighten or curl your hair after I suggest a spray heat protectant as well.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
   These Aussie commercials get me...EVERY TIME! I love the smell of their products, very fruity. My hair was seriously over processed since I went from off black hair to blonde for my wedding. So I needed to find something to really help heal my hair. In the beginning I used this every night along with my regular conditioner for a week and started to see results...FAST. Then I started using it instead of my conditioner once a week and the dryness and split ends seemed to diminish. So because this made such a dramatic transformation to my hair I have told everyone about it. It really has the same if not better effect as a hair masque.

One 'N Only Argan Oil
   I think everyone that has had damaged hair has been told to try an argan oil. Because of the condition my hair was in I wanted to get something thicker that would do more, so I decided to get a squeeze bottle instead of the spray. Because it doesn't lightly mist your hair it does make it look and feel very oily, which yes makes sense since its an oil, I don't know if it only made my hair look that way since its so thin and fine. I only use a small pea size amount for my entire head. It really worked wonders, it smells amazing and after washing it out made my hair so silky soft and very manageable. I have actually bought this for people as little gift extras and have never heard a bad response back.

Joico Joimist Firm
   I was doing my weekly walk through at Ulta to see if there was anything I wanted to try...and BAM I saw this hair spray. Well normally hair spray doesn't jump out at people, but I will buy anything that donates money to a breast cancer foundation (even if its something I would never wear, like those silly bandz!) It came in a cute pink bottle and had the pink ribbon on the bottle. The level of hold I purchased was a level 5, and just so you know they only go to level 6,  and I have to highly disagree with that. I loved the way it smelled but there was nothing great about the hold. When I would first spray it was a very good hold then about an hour later the hair spray seemed to be gone. My hair fell flat, and my hair holds a pretty good curl and this hair spray just weighed it down. I don't regret buying it but only for the simple fact that they donated to a breast cancer research company. I still have a lot left in the can, but only use it at the roots when I'm going to tease my hair or to hold down my babies if I wear my hair in a pony tail. But for just a few dollars more I would definitely keep buying the Big Sexy Hair.

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